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Peaks of Health Metabolic Medical Center is all about you. ­This center was established to address the underlying cause of a disease. ­ Instead of just treating the symptoms, we strive to find the root of the disease process such as diabetes or hypertension. ­When we find the underlying cause, then we can treat the cause and correct the problem, instead of just putting a band-aid on it. ­

Here at the Peaks of Health our goal is to get you to reach your peak - this includes making sure your body is running at optimal efficiency. ­We address diet and nutrition, which is essential to get the key ingredients our bodies need to function. ­Hormones are the signals that tell our body how to function. ­This is sort of the recipe of life - without the key ingredients and the proper recipe you cannot have a good outcome. ­We also address the intestinal system and look for proper digestion; without this you would not absorb any of the key nutrients necessary for a healthy lifestyle. ­Since the body does not function with one part at a time, we need to look at the entire system and all of the different connections to unravel the problems and discover what part or parts are no longer functioning properly.

Medical Director

Tracie Leonhardt, DO

Tracie Leonhardt, DO

Dr. Tracie Leonhardt grew up as a member of the local community and is a graduate of Largo High School. She graduated from Southeastern University (now known as Nova University) in 1992, completed her internship at Suncoast Hospital in Largo, and, completed her Residency in Emergency Medicine at Midwestern University in Chicago, Illinois in 1996. Dr Leonhardt began her 14 year tenure in emergency medicine at Northside Hospital in St. Petersburg, Florida in 1996, where she earned the titles of Associate Medical Director of the Emergency Department, Chairperson of the Emergency Department and then Medical Director of the Emergency Department.  During her tenure in the Emergency Department, Dr. Leonhardt also worked with medical control for over 10 years as an online medical control physician, in which she worked closely with our first responders in the field while enhancing their education.  Dr. Leonhardt was honored to present a lecture to the American Osteopathic Society in New Orleans in 2010 on the subject of Type II Diabetes.

In 2003, Dr. Leonhardt was diagnosed with Type II Diabetes and preceded on a new quest to improve her health.   Despite optimal medical treatment for her diabetes, she proceeded to worsen in her disease process, leading to 7 different medications including high dose insulin.   Unhappy with the traditional standard of care, she started the search for new innovative methods of treatment.   This journey led her to study  Bariatric medicine (weight loss).  She proceeded to lose just under  100 pounds and stop taking her medications for diabetes – via diet control.   Dr. Leonhardt has since extensively studied the metabolic and hormone systems, which has led her to the discovery that Type II Diabetes can be reversed in certain patients.    This has led to her reversal of type II Diabetes for the past 5 years.    Since practicing bariatric medicine for the last 5 years, Dr Leonhardt decided to expand her practice to include the rest of the picture.

Dr. Leonhardt has recently completed her advanced fellowship passing both the written and oral exams in Anti-Aging and Regenerative Medicine.   She is currently enrolled in the masters program at USF medical school in Metabolic and Nutritional Medicine.  Dr. Leonhardt, while currently practicing and a leading expert in weight management, is branching out to the entire metabolic and nutritional spectrum of medicine, known as Integrative and Functional Medicine.

Affiliations and Accomplishments
  • AOA – American Osteopathic Society
  • FOMA – Florida Osteopathic Medical Society
  • PCOMS – Pinellas county osteopathic medical Society – board of governors 2012
  • PCMS – Pinellas county medical society
  • ABBP – American board of bariatric physician’s member
  • A4M member – American academy of antiaging medicine
  • Board Certified in Emergency Medicine
  • National presentation on Diabetes at the AOA conference in New Orleans 2010
  • Currently enrolled in masters at USF medical school in metabolic and nutritional medicine
  • Medical school Southeastern University of Health Sciences (currently Nova) 1992
  • Internship Suncoast Hospital 1992-1993
  • Residency in Emergency Medicine at Midwestern University Chicago Illinois 1993-1996
  • Associate Medical Director Northside Hospital Emergency Room 1999-2003
  • Medical Director Northside Hospital Emergency Department 2004-2006
  • Chairperson of the ED Northside Hospital 2003-2006

Medical Staff

Tracie Leonhardt, DO

Betty Wedman - St. Louis, PhD, RD, LD

Dr. Betty Wedman-St Louis is a licensed nutritionist specializing in kidney disease, diabetes, digestive diseases and cancer. A Florida resident for more than 20 years, Dr. Betty has been a nutrition counselor for more than 40 years. Her BS in Foods & Nutrition from the University of Minnesota introduced her to how the food industry influences eating habits through marketing and ingredient manipulation. Upon graduation, Dr. Betty moved to Chicago as a "Martha Logan" for Swift & Company, Oak Brook, IL and completed her MS in Nutrition at Northern Illinois University with a thesis entitled, "The Effects of Weightlessness and Prolonged Bed Rest on Potassium Requirements in Adults". What she remembers most about her clinical internship is the inscription over the front door of the Mayo Clinic which reads: Live as though you will die tomorrow- Learn as though you will live forever. That shapes her philosophy of living as much today as it did then. Recognizing that allopathic medicine did not have answers to many nutrition issues Dr. Betty faced with her patients at the Hinsdale Medical Center where she had a private practice for 11 years, she completed her PhD in Nutrition & Environmental Health from The Union Institute, Cincinnati with the mentorship of Dr. Malcolm Knowles, PhD, the Godfather of Adult Education, and Dr. George Shambaugh, Jr., MD, Otology and Related Allergy. Functional Medicine testing was just beginning and a staff member of the Functional Medicine Institute was the second reader of her dissertation "The Growing Effects of Chemical Pollution". Dr. Betty's doctoral internship was completed at WUSF-Tampa in MultiMedia Production for distance learning and on-line course development. Dr. Wedman-St Louis is the author of numerous published articles on current nutrition topics- phosphates in foods, folate, Vitamin B12, seafood nutrition, alpha lipoic acid & diabetes, etc. She wrote newspaper columns for the Hinsdale Doings, Chicago Sun Times, Columbia Missourian. Books on diabetes, food allergies, spices & herbs and other nutrition topics can be viewed on her website

Dr. Leonhardt and Dr. Oz

Dr. Leonhardt and Dr. Oz


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