Dr. Tracie Show 

Dr. Tracie - Nutrients for Diabetes
Dr. Tracie - Alzheimers
Brain Memory - Dr. Pam Smith
Compound Medications
Fatty Acids - Adam Banning
Getting to Know You
Hormone Levels
IV Therapy - Dr. Mitch Ghen
Sleep - How important is it?
Thyroid Disorders - Dr. Pam Smith
Traumatic Brain Injury - Mark Gordon
Suzanne Somers - Toxicity
Unlocking The Hormone Puzzle
Minerals We Need
Silver Therapy - Seth Quinto
Suzanne Somers - Hormones
James LaValle - Nutritional Depletions From Meds
James Lavalle - Superwoman Syndrome
Dr. Oz and Dr. Tracie
Dr. Jeanne Bangston
Dr. Bangston - Mold Toxins and Parasites
Dr. Betty - Nutrition
Critters In Our Stomach
Fatty Acids
Hormones Made Simple
Getting Back on Track

Dr. Tracie Leonhardt on the Pete O’Shea show local WTIS 1110 AM radio. 

Health Minute: Blood Sugar Control with Omega-3 Fatty Acids
Interview with Dr. Leonhardt
Talk about proper way to diet
Benefits of Antioxidants in fruits and vegetables
What you need to know about thyroid
Hormones Aging and Interactions
IV Nutrition
Things Affecting Your Sleep
Quality Vitamins How to Choose
Calciums Narrow Window of Effectiveness
Fatigue Indentifying Causes
Stress Causes and Effects
Adrenal Fatigue
Hormonal Imbalances 20min
Live Myers Cocktail combined
Live Myers Cocktail
IV Vitamin C
Pre and Post Op IV Therapy
Candida Overgrowth
Candida Leaky Gut Syndrome
Side Effects of Oral Contraceptives
Peaks of Health 09-30-15
Peaks of Health 10-07-15
Dr. Traci Live 10-21-15
Dr. Traci with Pete Oshea 10-27-15
Leaky Gut Syndrome
Vitamin D

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Tracie Leonhardt, DO

Tracie Leonhardt, DO

Dr. Tracie Leonhardt grew up as a member of the local community and is a graduate of Largo High School. She graduated from Southeastern University (now known as...

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