PRP Therapy for Aesthetics 

The use of Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) is not new; it has long been recognized for it’s accelerated wound healing properties in such applications as surgery and sports injuries. This technology is now being used for cosmetic enhancement with outstanding results. When the PRP is activated it causes the release of at least 8 growth factors that will activate multipotent stem cells already in the skin (tricking them into “thinking” there’s been an injury). These multipotent stem cells then grow new collagen, new blood vessels, and new fatty tissue trying to “repair” the skin that was never injured.

We provide the following PRP treatments for Men and Women

  • PRP non-surgical Facelift
  • O-Shot®
  • PRP ED Shot

PRP non-surgical Facelift

  • It is a non-surgical procedure.
  • Because it uses your own blood, there is no risk of allergic reaction.
  • It is effective for both men and women.
  • It can be used in conjunction with other procedures, such as laser treatments.
  • PRP can be used with or without added fillers.
  • You can put on makeup that day and go out without anyone knowing you had work done.
  • More cost effective than other procedures

The O-Shot® for Improved Sexual Health in Women

What is the O-Shot?

All-natural, virtually painless and non-surgical procedure that can rejuvenate and revitalize vaginal and clitoral function improving sexual function, Helping with tighter vaginal opening, stronger orgasms, increased natural lubrication. 

Also an effective treatment for stress urinary incontinence as it can regenerate tissues in the area of the Skene’s glands (O-spot) leading to increased strength to control urine flow

Sexual Dysfunction

  • 50% of women experience some degree of low libido and dysfunction
  • Including: low desire, difficulty becoming aroused or reaching orgasm, as well as  painful sex

Urinary Incontinence

  • Unintentional urination that can occur during physical activity due to weakened pelvic floor muscles caused by childbirth
  • Current treatments include Kegel exercises, medications that can cause dehydration, or surgical procedures that aren’t always effective

What are the advantages?

  • Non-surgical and natural
  • Option for those who would like both increase in sexual function and improvement in urinary incontinence

How long does it last?

  • Results can last indefinitely. Most last at least 1-5 years and may require further procedures.

PRP ED SHOT for Improved Sexual Health in Men

What is it?

  • Can strengthen and straighten erections
  • Increase circulation
  • Increase sensation and pleasure
  • Possible 10 to 20% increase in length and girth.

What are the advantages?

  • Non-surgical and natural cells
  • Can be used in combination with medications

How long does it last?

  • Results can last indefinitely.
  • Most last at least 15-18 months or longer

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