Patient Testimonials

Doctor Tracie Leonhardt saved my life. She is the most brilliant, most innovative physician in the world. She showed me how my body is supposed to work and did everything right to turn my complete health around. The staff is amazing and collectively, they have the answers for any health issues. Don't just live with it, go there immediately and start feeling better. I am healthier now than ever before. Thanks Doctor Leonhardt!!!!! - Pete

Dr. Tracie Leonhardt. There is a reason why you hear “heart” when you say her name. It’s because she has one. She’s the only doctor that has found out the reason for my pain for two and a half years. I can’t believe how smart and amazing she is. Brilliant. Thank you, Dr. Leonhardt! I appreciate everything you do for people! - C. I.

I have been a patient of Dr. Leonhardt for several years. She is simply amazing! Instead of treating symptoms she delves into the cause and fixes many issues in a holistic manner. I have made it through some difficult times and illnesses with her treatments and compassion. I would highly recommend Dr. Leonhardt and her staff at Peaks of Health! - H.F.

Always a friendly staff and the doctors are always willing to meet with you at every appointment and answer any questions you may have or help you through any problems you may have. Would recommend Peaks of Health to everyone I know. - B. K.

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