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5 Tips for Restoring Your Digestive Health

Everyone experiences digestive problems at some point in their lives - but you can help manage your daily digestive health in a few simple yet effective ways. The following are some tips on how to improve digestive problems and how to restore your digestive health.

  1. Eat high-fiber foods.
    Many people think high-fiber foods simply include whole-grain products and cereal products with fiber, but there are many other foods you can include in your digestive health diet. Incorporate fruits that are non-acidic like bananas and coconut and vegetables such as lentils, peas, and beans into your diet to improve your digestive health.

    Please contact us for more information on how to best include fiber in your diet, including soluble and insoluble fiber.
  2. Consume probiotic foods.
    Probiotic foods such as yogurt, sauerkraut, and dark chocolate can help aid digestion and restore digestive health. In addition, many probiotics can help improve your immune health.

    Contact us to find probiotic foods that are right for you.
  3. Drink water.
    Water can help ensure your digestive system is working properly in many ways. Drinking water with your meals can assist in breaking down food as it moves through your digestive system. Water can dissolve fats and soluble fiber. Keep in mind that as you add fiber into your diet, you should increase your water intake as well; extra amounts of fiber can increase your risk for constipation.
  4. Digestive Health and Support - Largo, FL
  5. Control your stress levels.
    Stress can be unavoidable, but it is manageable. Stress can contribute to symptoms of digestive system problems such as cramping, bloating, constipation and diarrhea. You can help control your stress levels by exercising or engaging in regular physical movement, meditating and participating in breathing techniques, or talking to a mental health counselor.
  6. Skip out on smoking and other bad habits.
    For some people, smoking might assist with stress, but that feeling of stress management is very short-lived. It is widely known that smoking can contribute to a variety of health issues, including digestive problems. Smoking cigarettes might increase the likelihood of acid reflux and can lead to health problems like stomach ulcers and heartburn. In addition, excessive liquor and caffeine consumption can lead to digestive health problems.
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